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The high-power diode technologies from the MeDioStar NeXT family are characterized by their efficiency and versatility. The lasers are 100% "made in Germany" and were designed for epilation on the face and body. Due to its homogeneous spot and SmoothPulse mode, the MeDioStar NeXT family allows for a particularly quick and painless treatment, regardless of skin type and hair color, and offers convincing, long-lasting results. The powerful Peltier and the cooling system integrated into the handpieces minimize the risk of side effects and make the application safe and comfortable for the patient, even in sensitive areas.

MeDioStar Next Pro XL - Quality Made in Germany

The MeDioStar Next Pro is a new generation high-power diode laser. The laser is made by Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH and is therefore one of the few lasers that is completely "made in Germany". Asclepion Laser Technologies has a history and experience of over 30 years and has a leading position in the market of laser technologies for cosmetological and medical use. Its success has spread all over the world. Cosmetic institutes in over 60 countries trust and rely on the high-quality lasers built by Asclepion. All of its technology is internationally ISO certified and meets all requirements of the European medical committee for use of a laser of this kind.


Market Leading Technology

The superior technology of MeDioStar Next Pro makes it the best diode laser on the market. It is equipped with several features that are unique to this product. These make the procedure convenient, safe and highly effective:

  • Wavelength: 810 – 950 nm

  • With 9,1cm² the MeDioStar Next Pro XL is the biggest spot on the market. The bigger size results in faster treatment and high effectiveness since it can cover a bigger area​​​

  • In SmoothPulse mode, the laser operates with 12Hz which makes it the fastest diode laser for hair removal

  • Can be set up to handle all skin types and hair color

  • Integrated Peltier cooling system provides comfort and safety during the treatment

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